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Ground Motion Modification

RspMatchEDT was developed as a Windows-based application that provides a user friendly graphical interface for RspMatch2005. The RspMatch2005 program performs a time domain modification of an acceleration time history to make it compatible with a user specified target spectrum.

The program presently includes the following:

Forms used to enter the data to create an input file for RspMatch2005.

A feature to convert ground motion records to a format compatible with RspMatch2005 or other computer programs.

Numerous attenuation relations for estimating peak horizontal acceleration and velocity with distance; and, for the pseudo acceleration and pseudo velocity response spectra.

Design spectra such as NEHRP, IBC, EuroCode and AASHTO. These spectra and those from attenuation relations can be plotted simultaneously with the spectra computed with RspMatch2005.

An option to compute the response spectra for a ground motion.

Printing of the output results for each graph in table form for inclusion in reports or other documents.

The development process of RspMatchEDT is ongoing. The program will be continuously updated/upgraded based on input from users and modifications to the RspMatch2005 program.

For more information about the different features included in RspMatchEDT, please browse through the User's Manual.

A step-by-step example showing how the program can be used to modify a time history is provided in the Quick Tutorial.

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Published on: 2009-12-13 (11481 reads)

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Copyright by GeoMotions, LLC All Right Reserved.